About Scenaria,

Reflecting a culture of collaboration
and continuous improvement.

Scenaria, Inc. is a strategy consulting firm that provides solutions to the unique challenges facing today’s mobility industry.

We reduce risk in our client’s pre-program decision-making processes by stress testing strategic plans.  Experience shows that “pre-program” phases are the largest source of decision churn (i.e. inefficiency) in the planning process.  Scenaria’s unique, analytical approaches enable clients to outcomes across a variety of operational and economic conditions.

Our consulting services cover product & portfolio strategy, regulatory compliance, as well as market and technology assessments.

AVL LogoResiding in Plymouth, Michigan, Scenaria is co-located with our parent company, AVL.

Why AVL?

Given our focus on the mobility industry, AVL was a natural fit.  Leveraging AVL subject matter expertise improves the accuracy and precision of our analytical processes when compared to other consulting firms.

Founded in 1948, AVL is the world’s largest, independent company for the planning, development, simulation and testing of powertrains; including combustion engines, transmissions, hybrid/electric drivelines, batteries and control software. Within the US, AVL’s business units include Powertrain Engineering (AVL PEI), Advanced Simulation Technologies (AVL AST), Instrumentation and Test Systems (AVL TSI), and strategic consulting (AVL Scenaria).  These 4 companies enable AVL to assist clients through the entire product development cycle; from initial investment to start of production.

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