Careers at Scenaria,

Our staff is empowered to lead and eager to make a difference.

As a firm, our role is to provide each employee with the tools, support and flexibility to allow them to pursue their passions and achieve their professional and personal priorities.

We offer unique benefits you won’t find at other firms:

  • Work/Life Balance – Our firm allows you to apply your consulting skills, without having to be a Diamond member of your frequent flyer program.
  • Working within the automotive industry – We’re looking for people with a passion for vehicles. Whether you love race cars, big rigs, or motorcycles, this is the place for you.
  • Taking on complex challenges – the rift is growing between what the government wants OEMs to sell, and what customers want to buy. You can help companies “mind the gap”.
  • Direct engagement with client executives – We expect all our staff to work directly with our clients. Since we’re a small firm, there are no small roles.


If you like strategic consulting, but not the lifestyle, Scenaria might be the right place for you. Visit us on LinkedIn or email us directly to explore your career path.