Consulting Services

Optimizing opportunities with robust recommendations.

Scenaria’s strategic consulting services address the critical challenges associated with uncertainty in today’s business environment:

  • How can we profitbly sell products that customers are willing to purchase?
  • How can we create and/or retain our competitve edge?
  • How do we balance short-term objectives with long-term growth?

At Scenaria, we believe that ‘minding the gap’ between these different objectives requires robust requirements definition and target setting, with a system-level view of the outcomes.

Our services focus on product & portfolio strategy, regulatory compliance, market, and technology assessments.  Scenaria uses analytics to add value to current planning processes, by allowing clients to:

  • Stress test pre-program plans using a scenario-level view
  • Evaluate many different attribute combinations
  • Optimize systems over different time frames
  • Identify ‘tipping’ points and quantify relevant risks
  • Account for future uncertainties in potential solution sets (changes in regulations, technologies, markets, consumers, etc.)

Value add from Scenaria consulting services


When our clients are satisfied, it’s because they understand how our frameworks apply to their problems, creating lasting business impact and ROI.  Get more detail on the benefits of our consulting services, our team’s background, or reach out and contact us directly. If we can’t provide a solution, we know someone who can.