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In the mobility industry, specifically the light and heavy duty sectors, profitability is under attack. Executives are challenged to create technology portfolios, targets, and strategies in the context of highly fluid and dynamic marketplaces.

The challenge is made more difficult by currently existing “mega-trends”:

  • “Glo-Cal” Operating Models
    • Global platforms with local customization of products
  • Changing Demographics
    • Vehicle usage and ownership
    • Consumer Preferences
  • Innovations in Technology
    • Connected vehicles
    • Electrification
  • Government Oversight
    • Sustainability and Conservation
    • Regulation, Incentives, and Fines

All of these factors need to be assessed prior to the start of product development, in the so-called “pre-program” planning phase.

“Pre-program” phases are the largest source of decision churn (i.e. inefficiency), in the mobility industry, due to the number of stakeholders that must “sign-off” on a decision.

Industry Expertise Pre Program V

Scenaria applies analytical models to pre-program business processes. Using models allows us to test decisions under many different scenarios and identify the impact of changing market factors.

When executives make robust decisions, changes in direction are less likely, reducing the number of iterations (i.e. churn).


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