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Agencies and Associations

Anticipating the impact of regulation.

Passing new legislation has always been a balancing act between many different stakeholders.  As technology continues its rapid advance, the data and information needed from each industry becomes just as troublesome to the rule makers.

  • Government agencies face a substantial challenge when defining regulations that will deliver energy independence with sustainable environmental and economic conditions.
  • Military agencies face challenges of a different kind; maintaining superiority through technology while addressing shrinking budgets.
  • Non-governmental agencies and associations must bring multiple organizations together and deliver objective, data-driven viewpoints in order to influence and shape policy and market decisions.

Successful outcomes require the same type of leadership: objective, analytical, and experienced.

Scenaria has the experience and knowledge to help agencies and associations effectively navigate a changing environment, whether optimizing fleet fuel economy for highest ROI, providing expert assessment of regulations, or helping craft strategic plans for national and state governments.


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